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Artlink Edinburgh and the Lothians is an arts and inclusion charity established in 1984. Artlink believes participation in the arts has an important role to play in realising personal and social change. Opening up the arts in Edinburgh for people with sight loss, people with hearing loss, people who are Deafblind and sign language users.

Pooka worked with Artlink Edinburgh and Lothians and its clients over the course of a year to develop, deliver, test and refine a website that provides listings and information on arts events in Edinburgh to users with a wide range of impairments.

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In particular, we worked with visually impaired users and users with hearing impairments to develop a site that was accessible and valuable to all these user groups. Users provide ongoing feedback on both the content and accessibility of the site and this will be used to further customise the site to their needs.

The site aims to be a model for the cultural sector in providing compelling and engaging cultural content that puts inclusion at the heart of the creative and development process, rather than treating accessibility as an “add on”, have a look here: